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Harisree De addiction Centre was started out in 2001. The Centre is owned and controlled by Dr. Sajeev.It is a well reputed voluntary organization dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs. We also provide General Treatment. Drug and alcohol misuse and their complications, including addiction, seriously affect all aspects of human life leading to detrimental consequences on individuals, their families and the whole society. The need for a specialized service to treat and rehabilitate those who suffer from substance misuse was realized by Harisree De addiction Centre.

We believe that recovery is a process of transformation in all areas of life. Only when the whole person is treated, not just the symptoms, but the underlying causes, can recovery truly begin. We combine the finest clinical & medical care available with advanced holistic therapies and support for a complete healing of mind, body and spirit. There are many types of services for alchohole users that may be linked to Hospitalization and detoxification, Psychological therapy, counseling, Recreational activities and Community outreach. If there is integration between different interventions, clients are more likely to progress and move smoothly from one programme to another to become, and remain, drug-free. Apart from counseling and providing medication, Dr. Jaya Sajeev introduced meditation, art, literature, music, yoga etc. as therapeutic activities at Harisree De-addiction Centre.

  • Dr. Sajeev

    Managing Director

    Dr. Sajeev is the owner of Harisree de-addiction Centre. Communication is the most important thing for a doctor. Our doctor is good enough to communicate with our patients. He is very skilled and focusing on human sciences.

  • Mrs.Jaya Sajeev


    The role of counsellor is complicated. But still our counsellor Mrs. Jaya Sajeev proves her skill in counselling. She had high problem solving skill and she is always ready to interact with our patients, then help individuals to develop their self-potentials.

Our Mission is to help any and all individuals to achieve their rehabilitative goals in order to live a quality life with optimal independence and functionality and inspiring a person to awaken within themselves a desire and commitment to change, he or she can build the foundation necessary to begin the journey of self-recovery.

Our vision is over on rehabilitation of addicts through counseling, treatment on indoor basis, follow up services, family counseling, and providing vocation training becoming them reliant and leads the life peacefully with a status in the society.

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